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 Keep an application running. Hide it, when not in use.
 Paste into AppleScript Editor. Save as an application with 'Stay open' ticked. 
 Add the script app to your login items in System Preferences.
 Tuomas Rosberg 2011

 property appName : ""
 property firstRun : false

 on run
    if firstRun is false then -- this script app hasn't been used before
       set anApp to choose application -- launches the application user chooses. Returns item "application"
       set appName to name of anApp
       set firstRun to true
    else -- firstRun is true in subsequent runs, continue to idling
    end if
 end run

 on idle
    tell application "System Events"
       if exists of application process appName then
          if frontmost of application process appName is false then
             set visible of application process appName to false
          end if
       else -- the app process does not exist
          tell application "Finder" to launch application appName
       end if
    end tell
    return 3 -- seconds to idle
 end idle
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